Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This Is Your Brain....This Is Your Brain on Social Networking...Any Questions?

It seems that by the time parents get around to hearing about youth trends, especially Internet-based trends, it is too late. Social networking websites are indeed the latest trend which allows users to post their personal profile to the public so that all can see what's going on in your life including pictures, videos, and personal information. Microsoft has put together an article called, "How to Help Your Kids Use Social Networking Websites More Safely" which details what social networking websites are, how they work, and bits of wisdom on how to set boundaries for your family.

Perhaps the Ad Council should put together a commercial with the tagline: "Talk to your kids about MySpace."

See Wikipedia's list of Social Networking Websites

Friday, December 08, 2006

A Photography Tip for Your Precious Holiday Snapshots posted a simple, but often overlooked tip to help you take better pictures: get in close.

So Many Versions of Windows Vista? How Do I Decide?

ExtremeTech has published a handy chart for helping you determine which of the seven versions of Windows Vista is right for you. Two of the seven versions are not on the chart because those versions are for European or developing nations.

To make it simple you will typically be started off with Windows Vista Home Basic with a budget PC with the option to upgrade for a few dollars to Windows Vista Home Premium. The high-end multimedia and gaming PC's may come with the option to get Windows Vista Ultimate pre-installed. Most home users should do fine with Home Basic, but you might as well shell out the extra bucks to upgrade to Home Premium. The Business and Enterprise editions are specifically for corporate networks. If you run a SOHO business you should evaluate whether or not to upgrade to the Business edition, but most likely you will not need those functions for everyday business tasks.

Monday, December 04, 2006

10 Tips to Refine Your Google Searching

Sometimes finding what you want from Google's search engine can be a chore. has posted an article with ten useful tips to help you refine your search query to get you the results you are looking for.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Steve Ballmer Makes Microsoft's Biggest Announcement Since 1995

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft Corporation, announced to the world on November 30th the immediate availability of the next versions of their operating system, Windows Vista, office productivity suite, Office System 2007, email server, Exchange Server 2007, as well as other minor software products. The simultaneous release of the Windows client and Office product hasn't happened since 1995 which launched Microsoft into the forefront of personal computing at home at and at the office. Steve Ballmer confidently told the world that this day will mark another milestone in forward progress for Microsoft and the world.

Read the official press release to see all of the product announcements.

Make Your Own Ringtones

If you're interested in making your own ringtones, LifeHacker has a how-to article to let you hear your favorite Weird Al song every time your phone rings.