Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Apple Releases Security Update 2007-005

Apple released Security Update 2007-005. Be sure to start up Software Update and install the update.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Xbox 360 Elite Review

If you've been tempted to go out an replace or get your own Xbox 360 Elite, you would be wise to first read Ars Technica's review fo the so-called "elite" console.

Here's a summary of what you'll get over the traditional Xbox 360 Premium system (in order of value):

  • 120 GB Hard drive (for storing more Xbox Live Marketplace content)
  • HDMI Output (one cable to support high-definition audio and video)
  • Black (yes, it's black instead of white)
  • Elite price tag (the Elite costs $180 more)
  • Bragging rights

Here's a summary of what they missed:

  • Wireless
  • HD-DVD built-in drive
  • Quieter and cooler console

Link to Xbox 360 Elite Review

Google PhoneBook Name Removal

If you are one of those people who enjoy or even obsess over privacy issues, you might want to head over to Google's Phonebook Name Removal web site. Before you do, make a Google search for your ten digit phone number to see what comes up. If Google returns your phone number with your name and address you might then want to have yourself unlisted.

Link to Google PhoneBook Name Removal

Friday, May 04, 2007

Seven Security Bulletins for Patch Tuesday

Seven Security Bulletins for Patch Tuesday

Have your Windows Update shortcut ready for this coming Tuesday because Microsoft is issuing seven updates affecting Windows, Office, and various server software.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Apple releases Security Update 2007-004. Again.

Right on the heels of the previously mentioned QuickTime update, Apple has re-released the 2007-004 security update. Most of the fixes deal with wireless connectivity and security issues so be sure to hit Software Update to keep your electronic peace of mind. This update only applies to Macintosh computers unlike the QuickTime update.

Link to Apple releases Security Update 2007-004. Again.

QuickTime 7.1.6 update fixes $10,000 QT bug

Apple issued a critical update for QuickTime media player on which iTunes is built. The security vulnerability affects both Windows and Mac computers. Be sure to fire up your Apple Software Update to get the fix to avoid any potential problems.

For Windows: Click Start, All Programs, Apple Software Update.

For Mac: Click the Apple Menu, Software Update...

Link to QuickTime 7.1.6 update fixes $10,000 QT bug

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Updated: Dell set to offer pre-loaded Ubuntu "within weeks" - Engadget

The day that many thought would never come, and the day that some hoped would come, and the day that still may never happen, may come soon if the rumors come true of Dell beginning to ship their computer systems pre-loaded with the opensource Ubuntu Linux operating system. While Dell wouldn't be the first to offer a Linux-based OS pre-loaded on OEM consumer computers, they will be the first major manufacturer to do so. Offering a choice between Windows Vista and Ubuntu or other Linux flavor may provide the right kind of competition needed to help the PC market really move forward in usability, interoperability, and flexibility. If you don't want to wait for Dell you can head over to Ubuntu's website and grab a copy for free to install on your PC. (Save yourself some grief by trying it in a virtual machine first; recommended for advanced users.)

Link to Dell set to offer pre-loaded Ubuntu "within weeks" - Engadget


Dell has confirmed the coming availability of Ubuntu Linux on select Dell laptops and desktop models.

BetaNews | Google to Unveil 'iGoogle' Branding

Google has pulled the wraps off of its personalized portal home page and have dubbed it iGoogle. One would hope Google knows what they are doing by using the lower-cased prefixed "i" in a brand name; the Apple, Inc. lawyers might start licking their chops.

Link to BetaNews | Google to Unveil 'iGoogle' Branding

MacNN | Joost goes live, gets unlimited invites

The Internet TV company, Joost, has announced the availability of unlimited invitations in an attempt to roll-out their service in the mainstream. While you still need to sign-up via an invitation, finding them won't be very difficult anymore.

Link to MacNN | Joost goes live, gets unlimited invites