Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

The next version of Windows comes out tomorrow. While buying a new PC or laptop running Windows 7 is the best way to experience the new Windows, some of you may be interested in upgrading. You can use this utility to determine if the hardware and software on your PC is capable of running Windows 7. The good news is that if you're running Windows Vista you're most likely sure to be able to upgrade, and you would be glad if you did so. Microsoft took Windows Vista and re-engineered it to be faster, slimmer, and more efficient making it the best version of Windows in a long time.

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor: "

windows softwareMicrosoft has updated their software Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor two days ago. Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor is a tool that runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista. It can be used to audit the computer system to find out if it is compatible with Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 7. To do that the program will scan the computer system’s hardware and software for compatibility issues. It also offers guidance and explains how to overcome these issues to make the system compatible with Windows 7.

The program needs to be installed before it can be used to audit the system. A scan takes less than a minute to complete.

windows upgrade advisorwindows 7

The results of the system audit are displayed in two tabs for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 systems with the 32-bit report displayed by default.

windows 7 upgrade advisor 2

Each report is divided into the three sections System, Devices and Programs. System analyses general issues the user might run into, for example if Windows Aero is supported or if a custom installation is required (for Windows XP systems). The hardware of the system is analysed under Devices again with information if hardware is compatible with Windows 7. Programs finally takes a look at some of the installed programs and displays if they have issues running under Windows 7.

The Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor can be helpful for users who are already running a computer system with another Microsoft operating system. It on the other hand does not help users who plan to build a PC on their own or purchase a system. A false positive was listed in the report on a Windows XP SP3 test system. Missing Windows Aero support was one of the issues that were found by the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor which seems highly unlikely considering that an Ati Radeon HD 4870 video card was installed in the system. The software can be downloaded at the Microsoft website.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lenovo Windows 7 Drivers

With the general availability of Windows 7 just nine days away it looks like Lenovo is finally releasing Windows 7 drivers for my Lenovo T61. Score one for Lenovo.

SoundMax Audio Software for Windows 7 - ThinkPad R61, R61i, T61, T61p, X61, X61s, X61 Tablet (2009-10-05)

Friday, October 09, 2009

Palm Pixi Hands-On Gallery (CTIA 09) - Updated with Video!

Palm has been making a comeback this year with a whole new kind of smartphone designed to compete with the iPhone, Blackberry, and other phones. Their first handset with the new WebOS is the Palm Pre debuted earlier this year. Now they announce the Pixi coming to Sprint this month. While the Pixi sports the new WebOS software it is slightly less powered handset than the Pre, but will be a perfect fit for someone needing a consumer based smartphone or messaging phone.

Palm Pixi Hands-On Gallery (CTIA 09) - Updated with Video!: "

The Palm Pixi was here at CTIA 09, but not in a big way. Sprint reps had it on hand and gave us some time with it. There's nothing new here, honestly - it's the same build we've seen before with webOS 1.2.9 (but don't read into that version number too much, the '.9' there is pretty much just an internal build number tossed on there for testing), Facebook app, Yahoo integration into Synergy, and so on.

Still, the form factor continues to amaze, the lack of WiFi continues to disappoint, and the fact that we don't yet have firm pricing or availability continues to frustrate. All of the preceding emotions will be amplified for you as you gaze upon our Pixi gallery, after the break!

Update: What's a hands-on without the video proof? Video embedded after the break as well :D

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